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Steinway History

“There’s something very magical about the name Steinway”

Bob Singleton, Executive Director, Greater Astoria Historical Society

The Steinway’s rise from immigrant roots to an international brand synonmous with quality and class is the best of the American dream. But more than that, the Steinway family represents the ingeniuty, creativity and adaptability that is truly New York City’s legacy.

To learn about the Steinway family and their impact on Long Island City and New York visit:

Steinway Neighborhood

In northern Long Island City, the Steinway neighborhood boasts a proud tradition of craftsmanship and community that goes back more than 130 years. Learn about the area that stands as a testament to the Steinways’ ingenuity.

Steinway & Music

For more than a century, the Steinway Piano remains the brand of choice for 98% of recording and concert artists. Learn how the Steinways and their legacy have impacted music history.

Steinway & Modern New York

The Steinway legacy reaches far beyond music. Learn how many modern conveniences and public programs New Yorkers enjoy today began with the Steinway family.